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Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: Khamsin

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Khamsin's boss battle isn't really difficult, probably because Armstrong was so so so much more harder than he is. He only has a few attacks all of them are axe attacks.

His low axe swing can easily be evaded by jumping up at the right time. You can also land a couple of blows at him while in midair to deal some damage.

The second attack that's a good way for you to deal damage is the unblockable attack. Once he glows yellow, Khamsin will strike down his axe straight into the ground. He'll stay like that for a while giving you a great opportunity to land a couple of blows at him until he recovers.

He also has 2 more unblockable attacks, the first is a grapple, where a claw on the left side of Khamsin will glow and grab you. The second is a spinning axe attack. Both can be dodged by jumping away.

At 80% Khamsin will jump up in the air and try to slam his gigantic axe straight at you. Parry it and Blade wolf will get thrown to the side, right behind some rocks.

Use the rocks as cover to hide you from Khamsin's field of vision. Don't stay at the first rock for too long cause Khamsin will eventually strike his axe at it in an attempt to lure you out.

Make you way to the sides and wait for Khamsin to turn his back on you. When he does, quickly get behind him and press B to deal a massive amount of damage on him.

He'll be vulnerable for a little while after you land the stealth attack on him. Make sure to land as much hits on him as you can to make the battle shorter.

Most of his attacks are also blockable, try to do a perfect parry whenever you can. If you parry successfully, you'll be able to stun him for a while and deal more damage.

Keep attacking him and he'll use his smash attack again when his HP falls below 30% Hide behind the rocks and stealth attack him again to deal more damage.

After the stealth attack, go and deal as much damage as you can on him while he's recovering. Make sure to get his HP at 10% or lower.

Get away from him an he'll chase after you. A QTE will appear on the screen soon afterwards, just keep pressing the keys and chop up Khamsin to kill him.

A cutscene will play after you've defeated Khamsin marking the end of the DLC. I really enjoyed playing this DLC. The boss wasn't so great, but the backstory for Blade Wolf was amazing.