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Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC Walkthrough VR - Denver Offices

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As soon as the mission starts, restart it from the last checkpoint, then head for the stack of boxes on the left side of the room. I needed you to restart the mission so the Raptor will be forced to walk towards the railing again.

Keep yourself hidden behind the boxes and the Raptor will come into the room and start looking around. It's actually a bit blind so you'll be safe here.

Once it starts heading down the stairs, count its steps and jump on top of the boxes and to the higher floor once it steps for the third time, but before the fourth. You should be able to get up undetected.

Hide behind the divider and wait for the Raptor to climb back up the same floor you're on. Don't stick too much to the left or the Raptor inside the room will see you.

Once it does go back, it will quickly head towards the corridor on the opposite side of where you are. Dash towards it but be careful not to alert it, then take it out. Raptors are a pain to assassinate, mainly because you really have to be behind them to kill them.

After killing the Raptor activate your AR and you'll see a large hammer wielding soldier inside the room at the end of the corridor.

Go near the corner and wait for the soldier to pass by the door. Then run up to him and assassinate him. Then quickly go back into the corridor.

Head back to the divider that you hid behind and activate your AR. The second Raptor should be on its way to the back of the room. Quickly dash towards it and take it out.

Then go towards the soldier that's facing the exit door and kill him, then turn right and go back outside the door that you came in from.

Head for the other door on the left side and wait for the soldier to pass by. When he does, get behind him and take him out to end the VR mission.