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Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC Walkthrough VR - Denver

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At the start of the VR mission, head forward and wait for the soldier to pass the truck, follow him and assassinate him quietly.

After killing the first one, head around the truck and you'll find a second soldier passing by the front. Approach him from behind and assassinate him. That should be all for the soldiers on the lower ground.

Go around the truck again and head for the stairs on the left side of the intersection. Activate your AR view and you'll see your target just above the stairs on the left side.

Wait for him to start walking towards the wall, then quickly dash towards him and assassinate him. He'll drop a keycard, pick it up.

Jump back down into the streets and go to the door on the right side of the intersection. Activate the control panel and Blade wolf will input the key code in it and the door will open.

Climb up the escalator and activate your AR. Watch the soldier that's moving around and wait for him to go near the escalator. Once he turns back quickly run up to him and assassinate him.

Get back down the elevator as soon as you kill him. Try to assassinate that guard while the Mastiff is looking to the left side so you can avoid detection. If it does go into caution, just run back down the escalator and wait for the Mastiff to go back to its post.

Climb up the escalator but don't get out in the open. Activate your AR and wait for the Mastiff to look to the left again, then quickly run towards the right side wall and towards the glass.

The Mastiff wouldn't be able to spot you near the glass, just wait for him to look away, then creep up behind him and go for the kill.

Now get behind the last soldier and kill him. Although it's completely optional if you want to kill this guy who has no clue everyone else is dead.

After killing all of the soldiers, head for the door and input the pass code. The door will open and you'll be able to get inside. Stand on the goalpoint to finish the mission.