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Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC Walkthrough Abkhazia - Town

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After the cutscene, Mistral will quickly call in soldiers and UGs to kill you after you chopped off her hand. Go figure.

Enemies consist of 3 gunmen and a lone Mastiff. Take care of the gunmen first, like Raiden you can deliver a strong blow to the soldiers and stun them for a moment, then go into blade mode to quickly finish them off.

For Blade Wolf you can dash towards the enemy then press Y and forward to make him do that spinning attack. The enemy will get sent back, immediately go into blade mode and chop him up. Do this for all 3 soldiers to quickly thin out their number.

The Mastiff will behave in the same way it did in the main game. There's not much to worry about since it's alone, you should be able to take it on. Just block its attacks and retaliate until you kill it.

Now head out into the next street and activate your AR. You'll see flying UGs and also some Desperado operatives that are on the roof.

Wait for the operative on the opposite roof to turn around, then jump on that roof and take him down.

Head for the flying UG at the end of that roof and take it down from the roof by locking onto it and assassinating it.

It will go into caution mode, just run towards the car and the caution should disappear. Now go back to AR and you'll see another flying UG.

Head over to the right side of the entrance and wait for the flying UG to look towards the left, then make your way through the entry.

Unfortunately you're required to eliminate all of the enemies in this area. Get up on the large pillars and wait for the operative to pass under you, then lock onto him and assassinate him.

Once you've gotten rid of the operative, you can just kill the Dwarf Gekkos that are prowling the area. They're pretty easy to kill and shouldn't pose a threat to you.

Now hide behind the army car and wait for the GARD on the bridge to turn around, then quickly get behind it and assassinate it from behind.

Now hide behind the boxes and wait for the next GARD to move to the back. Then climb up on the box and assassinate the operative that was left behind and go back to hiding behind the box. When the GARD comes back, follow it and assassinate it from behind.

Wait for your chance and kill the last soldier that's guarding the bridge and pass through to where Blade Wolf and Raiden first met in the main game. Mistral will call you and inform you of what you need.

Hide behind the army car and activate your AR mode. Wait for the 2 operatives to move towards the left side of the car, then jump on top of the car.

Lock onto one of the operatives (the one who isn't your target), then wait for your target to turn around, then drop assassinate the operative you locked onto.

After killing the first one, quickly turn to the right and you'll have enough time to get behind your target and stealth kill him. If access code drops too far from you, you can retrieve it later.

Hide behind the bus and wait for the Gekko to turn its back on the bus, then jump on top of it and follow behind the Gekko, then stealth kill it and take out the last operative after.

Now head for the right side of the barrier and you'll find a terminal. Approach it and enter the access code to turn off the barrier.