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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: Senator Armstrong

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Where do I even begin with this guy? He's almost the same as with Raiden's playthrough, except he has less HP and stronger attacks. This guy hits like a T-rex with the defence of a tank made with nokia phones.

He still has all of his attacks from the main game, except his running grapple attack, which is a lot harder to dodge now if you're dodging it my jumping. Most of his attacks will now luckily be easily dodged with a cartwheel dodge towards him or to the sides twice, this is effective for all of his attacks except for the floor crack.

Another good thing about this battle is that he no longer does 30% damage on your health, meaning you'll survive a couple of hits.

Your best shot at getting in hits with a good amount of damage is to taunt him, it's hard and will need practice. Basically what you need to do is taunt him, then cartwheel out of his attack's range and slash him a couple of times, then cartwheel again when he tries to attack you.

Anytime he's charging up an attack is a good time to do a fully charged heavy slash, paired up with taunt this will do massive damage on him.

When he uses that attack where he punches the floor and flames come out in a "V" shaped pattern is also a good time for a charged blade attack, since he will be holding his fist down on the floor until the flames finish spreading.

At 50% he'll jump up one of the platforms around the helipad and throw choppers at you. Go into blade mode and dice those choppers before they hit the ground. The choppers will drop some supplies like repair paste once they've been destroyed.

He will also spam this certain attack, which is like an upgraded version of his running grapple. You can dodge for as long as you want but he'll keep coming back at you with the same speed until he hits you. If you jump up he also follows you in the air. Jeez talk about cheap attacks.

Not to mention there's virtually no way of stopping it unless you let him hit you to end the attack. He'll do this attack once when he's in the 49% below HP range and and he'll start spamming it at 29% and below.

You don't have much of a choice at this point and hope that you have enough repair paste to last until you kill him. At 30% it really turns into a kill or be killed scenario with his unblockable, unavoidable attack.

Also unlike all of the bosses in this game, Sam's Armstrong is a little different. You really need to get his HP down to 0.0% and Sam will automatically start a QTE, follow through it and watch the final cutscene.

The DLC is fun to play but a little bit disappointing in the story department. I think everyone who played this was hoping for a huge backstroy on Sam, not just how he met the Senator. That cheap attack wasn't fun though.