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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: Metal Gear

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Honestly Sam's DLC just feels like every boss from the main game was thrown in after a couple of mins. Anyways, the Metal Gear also behaves the same way as the main game, but the small battle area makes this a lot harder.

Start by locking onto one the MG's legs and keep attacking that leg until it either tries to stomp you, in which case you need to parry it or its HP gets low enough for you to blade mode it.

At mid range it will try to either bomb you, attack you with its sword (which you can parry) or lunge at you face first. You can also parry the face lunge, but you'll need to parry it thrice in a row to knock the MG out for a second.

You'll need to destroy the other leg, the same way you did with the first. If you successfully block its stomp, quickly taunt it then start hacking away at its feet to do massive damage.

Once both of its feet are done for. Stand in front of the MG and wait for it to lunge at you, then parry it. If it attacks you with the bombs or the laser run, but if it's the sword just parry it out of the way.

Even if you fail to parry its lunges, the MG will still get its head stuck in the ground. Taunt it when it does, then charge up your heavy attack and slash it.

Once the blade mode icon appears, start slashing its head and Sam will automatically kill the Metal Gear and end the battle.