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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: LQ-84i AKA. Blade Wolf

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Blade Wolf will lunge at you as soon as the battle starts, parry his attack and you might get a chance to momentarily stun him. Now I say "might" because it seems like either the battle programming was changed so the AIs automatically jump back, avoiding your hit after the parry or Sam's kick doesn't have the same range as Raiden's blade.

Keep your view locked onto Blade Wolf, he's a pushover for most of the fight. You can easily topple him over with most of Sam's attacks, especially the uppercuts.

He retains all of his attacks from the main game, and will use them in the same pattern. Minus the whole part of calling reinforcements.

At 30% he'll start to use the three part lunge, where he'll run around the area and attempt to confuse you before finally lunging at you at high speed. Keep your guard up when he starts running.

Be careful with blocking hits, Sam does not stay on guard as long as Raiden does. Meaning blocking too early will cause Sam to drop his guard and get hit by an attack.

As for battle tactics, keep the Blade Wolf at a corner. Either on the left or the right side of the gates will do, then keep spamming him with attacks until the Zantetsuken trigger comes up.

Just like the main game, you only need to lower a boss's HP to 10% to be able to trigger the QTE that comes before the blade mode icon. Slice up LQ-84i to end the battle.