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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough VR - tutorial

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The Jetstream DLC starts with an optional tutorial for Sam's basic moves. I will recommend that you play through it as Sam isn't as friendly to people as Raiden was. For those who are playing Metal Gear on PC, you need to finish the main game in order to unlock the Jetstream and Blade Wolf DLC. You can select them by loading your finished game and starting a new game, then choosing either of the DLCs, hence this guide will be made with the assumption that you have already finished the main game.

Most notably, Sam doesn't the AR vision that both Raiden and Blade Wold share, he can't assassinate enemies, he can't ninja run up walls. But Sam can do a double jump which only he has.

Sam is also obviously a lot slower than Raiden is, it's apparent from his blocks to his attacks. His attacks are a lot stronger than Raiden's though, considering Raiden's weapons aren't fully upgraded.

Also like Raiden, Sam can parry and go into blade mode chop up his enemies. In addition he also shares the electrolyte retrieval with Raiden.

And finally the most important bit of information with Sam is his ability to taunt enemies. Taunted enemies will glow red and will receive a lot more damage from Sam, but these enemies will also be able to break Sam's guard (parry) so you need to be careful with using it on enemies.