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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough Desperado HQ: Upper floors

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After getting a call from the senator, head up the stairs on the right side of the "53" door and use your double jump to make it to the higher catwalk.

Destroy the metal mesh that's blocking your way by using blade mode, then continue towards the door at the end of the hallway.

Head inside the employee's passage way and kill the Desperado operatives that are guarding the place. Use taunt on them followed by a strong attack to eliminate them faster.

Turn left as you enter the door and head for the door that's beyond the torri to enter the japanese garden.

Head inside the garden and take out the guards that are patrolling inside. Kill the ones that are flying first, just charge up your heavy strike while in midair then go into blade mode and chop them up.

Jump through the rooftops and make your way to the upper right corner of the map. You'll see a large Sakura tree, head for the bridge right underneath it.

Desperado UGs and operatives will come and attack you. First up is a pair of Blade Wolves, they aren't the same as LQ-84i since they're a lot weaker than he is. They do have the same movement patterns though.

Other than the blade wolves, an operative will also accompany them. Get rid of him first before dealing with the wolves, it's better to remove the soft hitters first and thin out the enemy unit.

After killing the enemies, head for the door at the end of the bridge and turn right at the end of the hallway.

When the door opens a guard will immediately spot you, kill him then head to the end of the hallway and turn right to get to the elevators.

You'll be kept in this place and forced to fight a couple of Mastiffs. Get rid of the operatives first, then keep yourself airborne to avoid most of the Mastiff's hits. Taunt also works well on them, although you may want to be careful if you want to use it since Mastiffs are very aggressive.

After killing all the enemies, head into the elevator that will open up and you'll receive another call from the senator.

Leave the elevator, then turn left and you'll see a lone Gekko walking around the next hallway. Kill it, then head for the door at the end of the hallway.

Turn right when you enter the room (this is the same room as the one where you met Sundowner in the main game.) Keep heading right and examine the door at the center of the room.

You'll be informed that you need a security code before you can open the door. Jump down on the lower floor and kill all of the enemies that will pop-up until they drop a security code for the door.

There are 2 types of security code that will drop here, the first one is red and will drop from the lone operative that's guarding the lower floor with the Mastiffs, that card will open a different door with 2 GARDS inside and is a completely optional battle. The second card is yellow and will drop from the second operative that will appear in the room once you've killed the first group on the lower floor.

Open the door and use the generators on the right side to jump up on the catwalk right above it, then follow that catwalk to the helipad.

Before you can reach the final boss, you'll have to take down the chopper that will attack you. Grab the homing missile from the side of the walkway and shoot the chopper with it.

It will get an AI error, immediately approach it and start hacking away until it grows blue, then go into blade mode and chop it up.

Now head for Armstrong to begin the final battle, I would recommend that you have at least one repair paste before heading into battle.