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Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough Desperado HQ: Lower Floors

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As soon as you get inside you'll see a metal drum on the opposite side of the corridor you entered through. Head for it and pick it up.

Hide inside the metal drum and wait for the Gekko to enter the area. Now just sit there and wait for it to go around the room and when it passes you, follow behind it but don't attack it since you can't assassinate anyways.

Now head into the next room and you'll see a set of stairs leading up. There's a camera on the first landing, make your way up the stairs but be careful not to get spotted by the camera.

After destroying the camera, use taunt on the operative near the door then take him out and enter through the door he was guarding.

Turn left as you leave the corridor, then turn right before you hit the end of it. This is the same as Raiden's playthrough, head for the elevator controls and activate it.

Desperado operatives will come at you as soon as you press that button, it won't be as much as Raiden's playthrough but there's still a lot of them.

Eliminate all of the enemies and wait for the operatives to start speaking on the speakers. They'll shut down your elevator and you'll have to walk your way up.

A Raptor will come and attack you as soon as the elevator stops, there's also an operative shooting RPGs at you at from the higher platform.

Keep the Raptor near the yellow crates to avoid getting easily targeted by the RPG guy. Once you've taken down the Raptor, jump on top of the crates and take out the operative.

Now use your double jump to get on the next elevator and once again use the crates to get up the next floor.

Turn left as soon as you get on the higher floor and approach the door marked with "53." Press the button on the right side and the shutters will open.