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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 4: The Treasure Vaults

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Firstly, go down there.

Jump and wall run up.

Grab this pole by wall run and jump.

For this pole, jump and wall run up.

As shown on the screen, wall jump from wall to wall.

Go down through the flag by wall run.

Repeat again.

Then, wall run to the right and jump wall to wall.

Continue to the next area. You need to be prepared to fight.

When all clear, wall run up to this block.

Jump and grab column next to it.

Jump to the other floor.

Jump from pole to pole here.

Until the camera shows the floor you need to go. Just jump and continue.

Jump to this pole to activate a switch to open the door.

Enjoy the cutscene just after you enter the main vault room.

That foolish brother really make your life hard. But, game must go on. Keep moving but watch your steps.

Enter this door when you see one..

You'll obtain a new power. Rewind the time anytime you wants as long you have enough energy point.

Dont do same mistake again. Wall run from the left wall.

Again stay near wall and do wall run for the next floor breakdown.

Some point you have to wall run and jump. Things will get even harder in this game. [END OF CHAPTER]