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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 5: The Stables

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Explore this place. You'll find place like this. Just go straight. Then a short cutscene will be played.

Defeat all enemies in this area.

Then, go back to the place where enemies came. There, you can wall run up.

Get to the second floor through the pole.

At the end of the path, there is a ledge. Grab it by wall run upwards.

Now, wall run left and jump proportional to the column.

Continue jumping from column to column.

Grab the ledge when you reach the fourth column.

Go to the right and again, do the same but this time wall run right and grab the column.

To grab the golden pole, just do normal jump.

Once the door opened, do jump from pole to pole. Continue along the path and roll below this door when you see it.

This is the moment where you meet the first trap. To get through it, you can jump with perfect timing. Do that twice and you'll enter a new area.

Defeat all enemies before proceed.

To solve the puzzle, firstly go to the right. You'll find a place like this. Wall run up and jump to grab the pole.

Again, do the same for the left side but you can continue to jump and grab the ledge over there.

During grabbing the ledge, go the right, wall run up and jump to grab the pole.

Continue and grab the ledge.

Wall run left twice and grab the bricks.

See there's a gap between bricks. Firstly, wall run up and grab the bricks above. Then jump.

Jump to grab the pole and continue.

Jump to the flag (it doesnt matter which one) to get down.

Enter the door and you'll see more traps. At the floor, there's a circle button. It'll open the door in front but you've to be quick to enter in time. Avoid all traps. If you have stone skin spell, you've the advantage here.

After you enter the door, you'll face a new puzzle.

Firstly, turn the lever where it point straight to the door.

Then wall run up and jump wall-to-wall.


Get down via the flag. You need to activate another switch.

Now rotate the lever pointing reverse direction of the first one.

Then, you can wall run up, jump to grab the pole, jump again and wall run up.

Activate the second switch.

Clear this area to get more exp (important).

After that, you can wall jump wall-to-wall to get to the second floor.

To destroy the statue above, you can wall run up and jump.

Jump to the bricks and go up.

To safely get down, jump here and drop to another by using "roll" key button.

Then, continue along the path.

Avoid all traps there.

After the cutscene, get down via the flag.

Wall run and jump to grab the pole.

A column appeared from below. Use that to go to another side.

Do the same thing like before.

Wall run to the circle switch, then quickly jump to the pole. And do "quick pole jump" by pressing direction button and jump. If not, you cant reach the door in time.

Enter before the door close and continue along the path. [END OF CHAPTER]