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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 7: The Fortress Courtyard

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First thing to do, eliminate all enemies.

Then, wall run up here and jump.

Continue jumping until the ledge.

Now you can wall run right and jump to the column.

Continue till the end of the column.

Grab the bricks on the wall.. Then go up.

Wall run left and jump to the pole. Continue jump from pole to pole.

You should be here by now.

Then, wall run and jump to the column.

Kill or leave. Your choice.

Now, wall run to other side.

Wall run + jump.

Go to this side.

Wall run..

Now, wall run and jump when you stepped on the switch.

Quickly jump from the pole and roll before the door close.

Continue your way with a wall run. Tips: Stay near wall for immediate wall run.

Eliminate enemies here.

There is a pole switch above you. Wall run and jump to grab it.

Here, do wall run and jump.

Do the same thing again.

Now, beat the enemies here.

You should find this switch easily.

Then, wall run up to the switch, jump and wall run up again.

Then continue by wall run and grab the column.

Go up there by jumping and wall run up.

Go grab that switch.

Repeat jumping until you enter the door that just opened.

Now, move on and be careful with traps.

To pass the two moving spikey, for the first spikey, jump over it and keep rolling for the second one until you reach a safe spot.

Use stone skin if you're lazy to avoid all the traps here.

Another puzzle to be solved!

Firstly, just push turn the lever 90deg to the left. Then step on the switch.

Quick jump on the platform.

Jump, wall run and grab the ledge.

Wall run up.

There are two levers. The left is for gear support, while the right is for moving the gear. To move the gear, it must have the support. So, you have to mess with the left lever first.

Push/pull the left lever 90deg to the right (clockwise).

Then, turns the second lever to the right until the gear reached bottom.

Then, go to the left lever. Push it twice (180deg to the right).

Go back to the first lever. Turn it 90deg to the left (clockwise), or in other words push once to the right.. The lock should be unlocked now.

Now, step on the switch.

As you can see, there are bricks on the wall that you can grab.

Wall run left and grab the bricks.

Again, wall run and grab the ledge.

Then, wall run and jump to the platform.

Now, simply jump and wall run up. [END OF CHAPTER]