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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 9: The Prisons

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First of all, start by wall run to the nearby wall and grab the ledge. Then move to the left.

Drop down via the flag.

Explore the ground and you'll see a column like this. Jump and grab to it.

Jump to the ledge.

Wall run right and jump.

Use the power to get to the other side.

Continue by jumping to the columns.

Again, use your power until you reach the ledge.

From the ledge, wall run and grab the water pole. Do it again to get to the second floor.

At the end of the path, grab to the ledge like this. Move to the right.

Grab the bricks and continue.

Wall run and wall run.

Grab the column and keep going.

Now, jump and grab the ledge at the hanging cage. Continue your way with that things.

You should be fine here. Just mind your steps. Keep moving.

Easy right? :P Now, get down and kill some enemies.

Find a switch on the wall like this.

Wall run from that switch and jump. Then, quickly jump to grab that pole.

First switch activated. This will open a way for you to get to the second switch.

Kill some enemies first.

Now go to the nearest water pole that just activated. Wall run to the proportional wall and jump.

Then, jump to that wall again and wall run up to grab the ledge.

Wall run and jump.

Now, you can grab the water column and activate the second switch.

Again, do the same like before but this time at the right side.

Continue by jumping and jumping...

Finally, activate the switch and go to the opened door ...

This time, the water is set on timer. So, watch out when freezing it. Make sure you freeze it first before jumping to avoid accidental fall.

Keep going for the next chapter. [END OF CHAPTER]