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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 6: The Works

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Firstly, as you can see there is a moving block in the wall near you. Wait for it to move back to the wall.

Then wall run to the other side.

Wait for the wall to move down so that you can wall run.

Wall run and jump.

See there is a ledge in front.

Jump to the ledge.

Wait for the moving gears to be in position where there is a hole through the gear.

Do wall run to the right when the gear in this position.

Continue to wall run to the other side.

Climb up using the bricks.

Grab the ledge above you.

Again wall run.

Wait for the moving block get into the wall then wall run. The prince will automatically grab the ledge.

Jump to the nearest column.

Jump to other column.

Jump to the ledge.

Wall run left and grab the pole.

Continue jumping from pole to pole and get down using the flag.

Now get to the center.

From the original position, push/pull the rotating level to the 180deg to the right/left doesnt matter.

Jump to other side.

Wall run left.

Just do normal jump here.

Grab the ledge above. Do it twice.

Jump to other ledge.

Wall run right.

Do wall run up at the door and jump.

Position the prince at the middle, then jump.

Make sure you do it correctly.

From the original position, push the lever...

for 180deg. Then jump to the other side.

Wall run right carefully.

When both spikey spinner move below, quickly jump.

Grab the ledge above. Do it twice.

Jump to the other ledge.

Wall run left.

Again, do the same like before.

The original position of lever. Turn it to...

90deg to the right. Then, jump and wall run up to that switch.

Quickly, turn the lever 180deg.

Then rush to the door.

Another puzzle to be solve. Don't worry, it's a simple puzzle.

Firstly, pull/push the lever 90deg to the left.

Like this.

Jump and go to the other side.

There is a block coming from below.

Then, continue to the other side where the second lever located.

Turn the lever to...

90deg to the left.

Then go back to the first lever via the poles and flag.

Turn tthe lever to...

90deg, doesnt matter left or right. Both works well.

Then jump to the new block that appeared just now. Get back to the second lever.

Jump to the platform and grab the column in the middle. Now you can go kill some enemies over there.

Clear the path.

Move on along the path and be careful with traps.

If you have stone skin, then you have the advatage here. You can run like a boss. [END OF CHAPTER]