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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 11: The Baths

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Firstly, step on the switch nearby.

Freeze the water right at that time. Then go to the center.

Wall run up and jump.

Defeat all enemies here.

Then go to another room where the monsters come from.

Find a switch and wall run up + jump to grab it.

Turn around and you should find another switch. Activate that one.

Freeze the water and do wall-to-wall jump.

Continue to wall run and grab the ledge.

Now go to the other side through the water pole there. Be careful it has timer.

Same thing here.

After the cutscene, continue to move on through the same method like before.

At the last water pole, jump and wall run up.

Activate the switch over there.

Now, keep going by grabbing and jumping at the columns. Activate the second switch.

Then, move on through the newly appeared columns.

When you finished with the column, you should be right here.

Freeze the water and use it to grab the second pole. But ...

This time, just jump forward. Dont freeze the water.

Keep going with more traps on the way.

Then, go down here.