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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 14: The Throne Room

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It's time to save your brother..

Watch your steps.

Get down...

The column.

Tips to defeat this demon easily: Always get near him as possible. But always be prepared to roll to avoid his attacks.

At certain point, he will run away. Chase him quick. Grab the bricks and move on.

Again, more bricks.

Move quick. He's spamming attacks.

Wait for the water and freeze it. Jump then grab the column.

Then, you've to jump forward to the column by unfreeze-freeze technique.

Again, do the same...

Now, you've to fights this demon again.. Just follow the tips before to stay safe. His attacks also affect with other enemies too.

Then, continue through this path full of traps.

Well, you got a new power. Which means more keys to press later. For now just keep going... The end around the corner. :)