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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 17: The Aqueducts

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Start by freezing the water and continue jump from column to column. Then, use flight power here.

Wall run up and jump.

Grab the bricks above.

Grab the column and use flight power.

Before sliding down, watch out for the time when the water pumped out. Observe the pattern so that you can freeze in time.

At the last column, go up and jump to the other side.

After the cutscene, use filight power to across the gap.

Avoid traps.

Continue by jumping to the bird.

Through here...

Clear this area from enemies.

Then, continue by jumping to the bird again.

Jump to the ledge at your right side there. The container that filled with water over there.

When it goes up, jump to the ledge at the right side.

Jump to the bricks.

Use both powers here.

Kill all enemies.

Then, you'll some bird waiting for you.

At this time, you've to use wall run up and jump back to the bird.

More traps here.

Wall run and jump. Repeat until you reach top.

Continue via the bird. [END OF CHAPTER]