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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 15: The Terrace

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In last chapter, you obtained a new power. Soo, why dont you use it to get to the other side? Jump and press the key assigned to that power.

After defeat all enemies, just wall run to the switch.

Poww! Use that power.

Then, wall run up to this switch and jump.

Then, jump to the wall, wall run up and jump again.


Just wall run to that switch.

Again do the same, but make it more quick.

Keep going...

This time, jump and use the power.

Turn the lever to get down.

Jump and use ur power.

It shouldnt be hard here.

Easy, just drop from the ledge once.

Now, wall run left to the switch and jump to the column.

Jump to another column and now jump to grab the ledge.

Are you here yet?

Jump to the switch and jump back to the column.

You'll see the ledge going up. Then, jump to the ledge again. Go to the right, and grab the bricks above.

Kill those things.

When you see enemies at the side like that. You'll know what to do. Use the power.

THen go here. Activate the switch.

When it activated, quickly move to grab the ledge.

Wall run up twice and ensure that the switch activate. Then, from the ledge go to the right.

Wall run up, jump and wall run up again.

This is how you do it.

To get down, simply just jump to the flag and keep jumping. Easy.


One of the alternative way to avoid the traps. xD

From this point, you have to use both of your powers to get through the way.

Freeze the water and ...

Do multiple wall run up.

There's no puzzle like before. You should able to reach here by now.

Lastly, jump to the nearby side. Wall run up and grab the switch. [END OF CHAPTER]