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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 18: Solomon's Tomb

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This chapter starts by fighting your own brother.

Just stay at his feet and dodge any attacks that may hit you.

If he suddenly floating, then move to take cover. Repeat these steps.

Continue using the bird.

Looks like you come back to the same place but it isnt. Just keep going.

Continue your fight again.

Make way to the next area.

Do wall run up and jump continously until you grab the ledge.

Defeat all enemies.

Then, find a lever and turn it twice in clock-wise direction.

Then go up and go to the second lever.

Your task is to connect the rod like before. But the water used to block the turn when you freeze it. All you have to do is ...

Connect both of the rod ath the left side first (see pic). It's easier to do like that than directly connect to its place.

See, it should by like this. Then simply connect it.

More water columns, more fun. :)

Again, the same thing you should do.

Try to connect it at the left side first. Keep turning and if the bottom and middle are connected like in this picture, then a single clock-wise turn will make it.

Get down using the flag nearby and keep going bottom via the stairs.

Careful with the traps.

A new power. Thanks to that woman which make the game harder. ;)

Clear this area from all enemies. [END OF CHAPTER]