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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 16: The Rooftop Gardens

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For the first time to use both power quickly, it will be hard. If you practice few times, it should be fine.

Freeze water, wall run, jump and use another power.

Switch here.

This one gets harder. Use freeze-unfreeze techinique to pass through. Just move quick before your energy runs out.

Watch out for the timer. Observe the pattern.

Freeze when first water pole out. Then use the technique before to grab the second one.

The switch.

Things getting harder. ;)

Tips: Dont rush, observe your surrounding first.

Continue your way to here...

Be careful with traps.

Freeze, wall run, jump and wall run again. Continue...

After fights with all the enemies. Wall run here.

Flight power.

As you can see, there is a water in the middle coming from up. Freeze it and ...

Use the freeze-unfreeze technique to grab the water pole.

Use filght power.

Wall run up and jump.

Again, use the same technique to grab the column.

At the last column, use the flight power.

Then, try to survive.. ;)

Then, look for this place. There's an enemy waiting to get killed.

Freeze the water and grab the water pole above. [END OF CHAPTER]