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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 13: The Observatory

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Firstly, make you way through the water pole.

Activate the first switch.

Go to the lever.

Turn the lever so that the sphere be like this. A hemi-sphere.

Get on the platform.. Freeze the water, and grab the column. Continue your way to the left.

You're doing fine now.

Now, the bricks.

Activate the second switch.

Go to the right lever, and turn it to change to shape of sphere to hemisphere. Just like before.

Now go to the left lever. Turn it once in anti-clockwise direction. It should make a new platform to connect the path before.

Just like this.

Turn the middle lever twice in anti-clockwise direction to make it like this.

Then, continue...

Now, activate the third switch.

Turns the left lever once in anti-clockwise direction.

Next, turn the right lever few times (in anti-clockwise direction) to make it like this.

Now, turn the left lever few more times (in clockwise direction) so that it will be like ...


Then, after you manage to setup the position correctly, the machine starts to move automatically. Be prepared to jump when the first hemisphere stop near you.

Once you on it, freeze the water and quickly jump to the column next to it.

When you reached here, unfreeze the water.

When it move and stop for the first time, always jump to another platform. Remember that. For example, this one. Quickly jump to other side.

Finally, you can jump out from this machine.

Continue by grabbing the ledge.


Keep going...

This time, it's getting more tricky. You have to jump, unfreeze, and quickly freeze the water again when the water pumped out.

Sounds tricky but shouldnt be hard.

When you get down here.. Hold your sword and slay all enemies.

Great, that demon make a way for you. ;)

Be extra careful here...