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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 10: The Sewer

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Once you drop to the ground, all you have to do is defeat the enemies.

When the area cleared, freeze the water and wall run up.

Then, grab the ledge at one of the door.

Wall run left.

Wall run up to grab the ledge above.

Freeze the water and wall run left.

Continue ...

You should reach this place. When you grab the water column, get a little bit higher to jump on the wood.

Keep going...

Defeat all enemies.

Then you can wall run up at this place and...

Turn the lever twice (anti-clockwise).

Make your way to grab the switch above. (see picture, the golden pole over there).

Once it activated, go back to the lever and turn back once.

Grab the column and continue.

Always look for the bricks. Only bricks and few jumping + wall run that can lead you to the next area.

Again.. Do what you like to do.

Once cleared, simply activate the switch.

When the column activated, get on the low wall and jump to the column. Go to the lever.

Turn the lever once in anti-clockwise direction.

Move on to the next area.

To quickly arrive at your destination, firstly, jump and wall run up.

Freeze the water and get to the other side.

Same here...

Now for this one, freeze the water so that you can wall run on it. Then ...

Stop the power and jump through the normal water.

Freeze the water and do wall run up twice. [END OF CHAPTER]