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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Holar Iceland

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After the scene you'll be on a road head forward

You'll come to a stair case head up it

At the top an open field and some bunkers, head down the steps

This will trigger a wave, kill them off and head up the stairs they came down

At the top a ravenger be prepared

Then head over to the AAG and plant the demo charge in the scene

Then head into the tunnel behind it

At the end it opens into a hallway with turrets on either side run across the hall

Once inside a ravenger and 3 chimera rush kill them off and move on

Around the corner an auger and 3 normal chimera rush in

After you dispose of them head into the locker room to your left

Take to nearest doorway and head down the hall

It will end in a room with a catwalk jump down for a checkpoint

Head out the door and run straight for the opening in the ground

Hook a right and grab the LARK, and go give that Stalker a rocket or four

After he and the 2 chimera on the catwalks go down a checkpoint

Head inside the open build here, and head up the stairs

At the top a scene planting another demo charge, after it head inside

Follow the path, you'll have to jump down here for a checkpoint

Continue through the sack filled room and exit out the other side

Follow the tunnel path here, linear can't get lost

Soon you'll meet up with Echo, and get a scene

Then a large wave will flood in after a few drones

Grab the Bellock and go to town

After it is clear follow Echo to the checkpoint

They'll lead you to the next battle just a short walk down the hallway

Here more chimera to kill, after all are dead a large drone shows up

After it goes down head inside the building with Echo and wait at the door

After a bit of story it will open head inside for a checkpoint

Lots of weak chimera will rush in, kill them off

Eventually Warner will shut the doors and call for the lift

When it arrives head onto it and ride it down

At the bottom a checkpoint, then continue to follow Echo

Follow Echo down into the canyon, and grab the rifle and snipe away

Keep pushing forward taking out the waves as they come

After quite a few waves you'll get a checkpoint

Follow echo and get ready to kill some chameleon

After you kill the 3 chameleon, push forward

Run to the LARK and fire a couple rockets at the Giant

After the rest of the chimera are killed a checkpoint

Head inside the tower to the marker on the screen

Soon a wave of leapers and a giant will spawn take them out and follow Echo

Ride the lift down, at the bottom a scene

After the scene a checkpoint, poor Hawthorne

Follow Echo and grab the Wraith, you’re going to need it

Inside this next room is loads of chimera, use the Wraith's shield and go to town

After the room is cleared exit out the door in the back

In the next room is just 1 auger troop, pull your auger out and kill him

Follow Echo down the hall and into the room for a scene

After the scene you'll split up and get a checkpoint

Head out the doorway and into the room in front of you, suicidal chimera will rush

After they are down head through the room and out either exit

A chameleon will rush kill it, and continue down the path and into the room at the end

Checkpoint here, and a few chimera deal with them and move along

3 more as you exit this room kill them off, this will trigger a huge wave

Take them out with you auger and head back up the ramp

Soon the door to your right will open head inside

At the end a scene, this will End this Mission