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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Bryce Canyon Utah

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After the opening scene you'll be in a helicopter time to snipe some chimera

Try and get as many headshot's as you can

After most of them fall a wave of drones will spawn, kill them with your carbine

After the area is clear the "LZ" will be secured and you'll land

Follow the SRPA troops for a checkpoint which in turn spawns more drones

After this wave is done push forward to the next checkpoint here, a chameleon will come

More chimera will spawn in this area snipe them out from a far

2 chameleon will also spawn

After the area is clear push forward to the checkpoint

After you kill the couple remaining chimera follow the SRPA guys

Soon two Ravenger's and a wave will burst through the wall dispose of them

Jump down here for a checkpoint and follow the troops

You’ll come to a cave and another checkpoint head inside

Two more ravengers will spawn this time with shields fall back and take them out

After they and the wave after them are down head back into the cave

Jump down and grab the Wraith, then head back to the troops

Make your way up the path here, for a scene

After the scene take the path you talked about, soon a wave of leapers

After they are gone, head to this door, and head inside

Inside the room in front of you are two ravengers and a wave grenade them down

Then head through the room they came from, Malikov will radio you

Continue down the path but be prepared 2 chameleon are waiting for you

At the end grab the Wraith and head down the lift

4 ravengers loads of chimera and 4 drone gunships need to be killed here

After they are down follow the group of SRPA into the lift

Once at the bottom quickly kill the Auger chimera and grab one

Then follow your team into the tubes

You’ll soon encounter 6 auger chimera kill them off with your own auger

Then continue to follow your team, soon a checkpoint

Head down the tube a short distance and use the power switch

This will trigger a scene, it is time to RUN!

Follow the cable and do not look back at all!

If you are lucky you'll reach the elevator in time, (the voice was right)

At the top a checkpoint, then head into the tubes

Soon a checkpoint and then time to run again

Run back into the previous room and wait for the "Swarm" to exit the tube

Then head back in and run like hell to the room at the end of the hall

Here a scene will play and you'll meet up with malikov

After it follow Malikov as he directs

Soon a vast open room full of chimera, grab the rifle and snipe them out

Then follow Malikov to this lift for a checkpoint

After a short scene you'll be at the bottom

Follow Malikov as he directs, he'll tell you to stop and explain the Swarm

Then follow him into the generator

Soon the swarm will leave and you'll get a checkpoint

Follow Malikov into the tubes and to the next generator

Head towards the door and quickly run back to the generator

Soon Malikov will say you are going to have to run for it, do as directed

Once inside the door the Swarm will leave, follow Malikov

In this room a wave of chimera will rush kill them and continue to follow Malikov

Time to play lure the Swarm!

Take the lift down and jump onto the pipes here

Then across to the next pipe and follow it up to the platform

Stand in the generator and fire the pulse cannon at the swarm

It will rush inside and Malikov will lock it in fire at it once more

Then run to the next generator, once inside repeat the process

And then onto the third and final

After you fire the last shot at this generator the Swarm is no more

Head up to Malikov and follow him onto the lift

Malikov will tell you a story on the ride up

At the top a checkpoint just continue to follow Malikov

Soon the tilt rotor will go down, jump down the cliff for a checkpoint

2 Titans will spawn take them out

Then a wave of leapers, then follow malikov to the LZ for a scene

End Mission