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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Chicago Illinois

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After a short scene you'll need to follow Echo into the alley

Soon you'll be directed to pick up the Splicer

Shortly after a huge wave of turned chimera rush dismember them

Then push forward down the alley they came from, more will come but not as many

Near the end of the alley a checkpoint

Then head inside for a short scene

After it head up the fire escape in front of you

At the top head inside and jump down to the turret

Then disable it and wait for Warner, he'll need help

Pick up the Fareye and snipe the auger chimera, after they go down a checkpoint

Time to head to the next turret (linear path here just follow it)

Once through the building head around the catwalk and up the stairs

Then disable the turret and quickly get to cover here

Warner will be in trouble again and you'll have to help out

Snipe the chimera when they come to the windows, be aware of the one after you

When they are all cleared another checkpoint, continue to the next turret

Youíll have to run and jump to get to it, then run quickly to cover

Disable the turret which will trigger 3 large drones take them out for a checkpoint

After Warner disables the last turret head across the fallen catwalk

Then jump down into the room on the other side

Smash through the door as directed (R3 Button) and jump down

Head to the end and jump down into the water and swim to this walkway

Head up it and kill the chimera for a checkpoint, more will spawn kill them off

Soon a checkpoint, stock up on ammo before heading out, jump to the truck

Then make your way across avoiding the water for obvious reasons

Soon a checkpoint, few drones spawn continue to land

Then back on the cars and towards the train, head up it once there for a scene

Follow the track to the end and jump back onto a train cart, follow them until a scene

After the scene you'll need to run straight ahead and get out of the water

Continue to run following the path set out in front of you

You will get a checkpoint point around mid path, jump onto the I beam and continue along

At the top a building and checkpoint, and head up the stairs inside

At the top drop into the hole in the floor and head down the hallway

Some turned chimera will rush kill them off

This building is loaded with them, kill them off and push forward

A checkpoint at the kitchen room here, head inside and down the hole in the floor

Youíll be in a room full of chimera after they are down head out the door in the back

A checkpoint half way down the hall at the end a blocked path

On the way back however chimera bust open a new pathway deal with them and head in

Near the stairs a checkpoint head up and drop down to the battle below you

Clear the area of chimera and blow up the walking drone

After the area is clear follow the SRPA troops into battle

This is a large scale battle, at the end 6 ravengers spawn with shields

After they are down, head towards the bridge and take cover air support will wipe out the turrets

But first a wave of drones to play with, kill them off and head towards the bridge

Stop at the top and fire at the cars to get some quick kills

Jump down and head up the path to the left

Your team will follow, donít mind the stalkers just follow the path

After you clear the area head into this building

Kill the remaining waves inside here and head down the hall for a checkpoint

This is where you must drop the Stalkers grab a LARK and go to town

After all the drones and stalkers are dead follow the SRPA troops

Soon a scene, you'll be separated head down the hall for a checkpoint

Jump into the hole you come across and smash open the door

Head up the path to your left and across the catwalks

Then up the hill to your right for a checkpoint

Head towards the catwalk to trigger a wave, 2 Ravengers with shields

After they are down head across and up the path they came down

At the top more chimera to kill

After they go down head down the path and across to where they were stationed

A checkpoint around halfway, continue up the path, auger chimera and a wave will rush

After they go down head inside the building

A wave of drones will spawn hide and auger them down

Continue along the path inside grab the Wraith and head out the exit in the back

Soon you have to jump down into a room full of sacks, head up the stairs in here

At the top smash open the door and head out for a checkpoint, and Boss Fight