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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Twin Falls Idaho

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Twin Falls, Idaho

Head into the building in front of you and out the door in the back

Now head into the garage and out its back door

Make your way into the house across the yard

Once inside head upstairs and out the open door

Jump down and head through the field

Soon you'll get a checkpoint near an opening in the barrier wall

Head through the opening and to the marker on the screen you'll meet a SRPA troop

After he's done talking head into this building

Once inside break all the chimeran sacks you come across

Then head out the back door and do the same break them all(this will come in handy later on)

After they are all broken head into basement of this building

3 chimera will rush you kill them and head up the stairs

Once on the first floor more chimera

Head upstairs to meet up with Warner, and a few more chimera

After they are down stock up on ammo and jump out the back

This is where breaking all those sacks will come in handy, wave after wave of weak chimera rush

They are weak but their numbers are many which can make this difficult

Once the first wave goes down follow Warner to the next wave near the garage

Then into the house for another wave (If you broke all the sacks only the ones that rush over the fences will come)

After the last wave head out of the house and follow Warner

After you get passed the barricade Warner will guide you to the next battle/checkpoint just follow him

This is a large battle keep kill them off and keep pushing forward to cover, soon the auger guys will show up

Rush the diner or toss a few grenades inside

After they are down take the auger and head out the back of the diner

Jump down for a checkpoint and follow the SRPA troop

They’ll lead you into a supermarket full of chimera dispose of them and leave out the other door

Head into the hair salon and out the back inside of this barn is a lot of chimera

Peek in there to get them to pop up on your screen and then get back behind the wall and auger them down

Follow Warner for a checkpoint when jumping out of the barn

Next you'll be lead into the theater a wave of weak chimera back out the door and way for them to come

After they are down head off the stage and out the front door for a checkpoint

Here 3 Huge chimera will come, bust out the auger shield and get to firing

After they go down a checkpoint, follow Warner

Someone will kick the gate open head in and kill all the chimera

Then follow Capelli for a checkpoint

He will lead you into a tunnel full of chimera they come in waves so it not that bad

At the end jump out of the train cart for a checkpoint

A good sized wave will rush here I stayed back and let the SRPA troop do most of the work

After they are down continue to follow Capelli into the tunnel

He’ll lead the way down the path, soon you will jump down into some water and get a checkpoint

Leapers will rush kill them off and follow

You’ll come to a blast door and need to hit the switch here

Once you do a wave of leapers will spawn kill them and head to this lift and wait for Capelli

At the top a checkpoint continue to follow

Boss Fight Time, Mother Spinner

This is a real easy battle just never stand in front of it while it is spewing acid?

It will kill you

Just keep avoiding the mouth area and unloading rounds into it

Soon it will run away and call on some leapers kill them and focus back on the Mother Spinner

When it comes to chase you down just fire at it while running backwards, when it leaves get some more ammo

After a few times of doing this it will fall, literally.

This will end this Mission, a scene will play