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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Battleship

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A checkpoint you are now on the chimeran battleship, follow the path to your right

Soon a chameleon will spawn after it dies a checkpoint

Continue along until you see a tunnel with spiders coming out of it

Duck down and head inside kill anything along the way

At the end a Fareye rifle, continue along the path

At the end it will open up and quite a few chimera will spawn get to sniping

Around midway down the path a checkpoint which in turn will spawn a new wave

At the end a door to your left head inside it, a chimera will rush

This will spawn some Auger guys kill them quickly and take their guns

At the end of the bridge is a checkpoint

A chameleon is right in front of you be prepared

After he is down continue along the path until you reach a crawlspace

Head in around halfway through a checkpoint and some spiders

Soon you'll fall down a floor into a room with an auger chimera

Head to the elevator as directed in the radio transmission

A nice sized wave will spawn kill them off and push forward for a checkpoint

3 auger chimera will come down the elevator kill them

Then head to the elevator they just rode down

At the top a scene and checkpoint

Looks like it's time to run again

This time though the path is crawling with chameleon's 5 in total

At the end another elevator ride it up

At the top a 2 minute countdown will start get to running down the path

The path is linear so just run it, soon a checkpoint and a SRPA troop follow him

This next room can be rough, bust out your auger and put a shield up and get to killing

At 11 seconds they say time to run so RUN!

Then a scene which will end this Mission