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Resistance 2 Walkthrough SRPA Station Igloo Iceland

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Resistance 2

After the opening scenes you'll need to follow Blake as he directs you.

You’ll come to an opening with a checkpoint.

Jump down and follow Blake into the building for a short gun tutorial (He'll also teach you about secondary firing mode).

Fire a round at the propane tank as directed (R1 button).

Then blow it up with secondary fire (R2 button).

Kill the chimera that appear in the room.

Head in and grab the LARK.

Fire a round at the Goliath in front of you.

Now run and follow Blake.

Follow Blake into the tunnel and grab the Bulls eye as he asks.

Follow him to cover here and prepare to battle a wave.

After they are down follow Blake to the corner here for a checkpoint.

Soon you'll come to a bridge with 2 Chimera kill them and follow Blake.

He'll direct you to take cover and explain how the Bulls eye tag works.

Kill off the wave and follow For a Checkpoint.

Jump down and head around the corner some drone will rush in take care of them.

Blake will then say you need to cover him a wave of drones will rush you.

After they are down catch up to Blake.

The next room has a few Chimera in it.

The next room will be a dead end, Blake will start playing with the panel protect him.

A scene, then a checkpoint.

Follow Blake up the catwalk

You'll drop down and get a Checkpoint

Head around the corner a few Chimera will rush

Then head up to the LARK up the stairs to your left, grab it for a checkpoint

Shoot a round at the Exhaust ports again

It is time to run again, Stay close To Blake or you will die

You will come to the underside of a broken bridge for a checkpoint

Follow Blake across

At the top a section of tunnels just follow

At the end a wave to kill off

Then grab the LARK and fire the final round at the Goliath

It will fall and you'll get a checkpoint

Run straight towards the plane to End the Mission