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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Orick CA

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Time to fight your way out of an ambush, push forward down the road from cover to cover

The street will be lined with chimera kill them as you see fit

Along the way you'll meet up with some SRPA troops, aid the as best you can

After you clear the ambush, the troops will cheer and you'll get a radio call

After wards jump down the bank as the soldier directs

Run forward to see a murder scene and encounter a new enemy

Push forward for a checkpoint here at the opening of the forest

A wave of drones will flood in dispose of them

After they go down another checkpoint, follow the SRPA troop

He’ll soon be killed by the invisible chimera, then he'll run at you quickly shoot him

As soon as he dies another one will rush in, (5.1 Surround sound is almost a must here)

Push forward through the forest you'll get another checkpoint

Another chameleon Will jump you alone the path be prepared

After he is down move along to the checkpoint

You’ll need to jump down into the clear cut area of the forest, it full of chameleon

This can be a difficult area to get through about 5 total chimera will rush

At the end a checkpoint when you jump down into the foggy area

Move along the path it linear, soon 4 drones will spawn

After they are gone head to the bridge and jump into the water

Swim down the creek until you pop back up onto land, a checkpoint and rifle await

Soon you'll come to a bridge with a few chimera and drones kill them off and move along

At the end of the path is the Town of Orick snipe the chimera here, and jump down for a checkpoint

Soon a small wave will come deal with them accordingly

Keep moving along, at the end of the complex is a staircase that leads into a building head up them

Inside is a shotgun, then jump out the blown out area

In here will be a few drones and a huge Chimera

After he falls a checkpoint, then the auger guy comes

Kill him and head into the containers

Follow the container path at the end a checkpoint and a drop spot

Once you drop down take cover quickly a hellfire turret is in front of you

Duck and move along cover until you reach the backside of the turret

Hit triangle to disable it, then head up the stairs to the left

At the top a rifle, checkpoint and a wave that comes in from behind

Kill as many as you can soon you'll be rescued

Follow your new found friend for another checkpoint

Around the corner a wave will rush kill them off

Then head inside the warehouse at the end of the path

Weave your way through the ware house until you get a scene

After the scene follow Echo team

You’ll come to a nice sized battle

Kill them all off and continue to follow Echo to the next checkpoint

Another wave will rush here including 2 large chimera

After follow echo to the warehouse and head inside

The warehouse is full of chimera kill them off don't forget to grab the Auger

Head up the stairs for a checkpoint a few drones will spawn

Follow echo until you reach the outside again this will be a checkpoint

Jump down and head along the right hand wall to avoid the hellfire turret

At the end a checkpoint, the turret and 3 chimera

Jump down and disable the turret

A wave will spawn take care of them from behind the disabled turret with the Auger

After they are down a scene will play