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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Boss Fight Leviathan

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Wait until it grabs you up and then fire a rocket in its open mouth

After 3 rounds he'll toss you onto a building, get to running inside of it

Run up the stairs until you reach the roof

Then head out onto the crane and across into the tower

Once inside run down the stairs, 3 flights total

At the bottom head outside and jump down and go around the corner

You’ll be snatched up again, fire a rocket in his mouth and he'll toss you again

When you land a checkpoint, head outside

You’ll run into a few chimera Wraith them down and move on

You’ll come to a room with a spiral ramp in the middle head down it

At the bottom more chimera kills them off

Jump down and grab some LARK ammo

Fire a few rounds at him to get his attention

He’ll come at you when he gets under the bridge shoot it with a rocket

Then fire one more round into the bloody hole the bridge made

This will end this Mission