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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Chicculub Crater Mexico

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After the scene follow Capelli

This is an ambush room, as soon as you touch the bulls eye down the ramp

Kill off all the chimera and head to the door here

Use the switch for a checkpoint, and head back a wave is coming

Auger chimera and a titan spawn kill them off

Then head into the lift and ride it up, at the top a checkpoint

Head through this area it is linear, crouch so you're not detected

Soon you will come to a spiral ramp head up it

At the top head through the room and out the back door for a checkpoint

Some auger chimera will come for you kill them

Then follow Capelli into the room to the right at the bottom of the ramp

At the end of the hall it opens into a rather large room, and checkpoint

Continue to follow Capelli he'll lead you to the next checkpoint

2 small waves will come take care of them then follow

At the bottom of the ramp here are 4 chimera kill them

Then head outside and spot up the next wave and get back to cover

Try and kill the auger troops first since they can hit you

After the wave is down head inside for a checkpoint.

Kill the 2 ravengers that spawn and continue to follow Capelli

Head into the lift, at the top a checkpoint

Follow the path to the door Capelli will open it, head inside

Continue to follow the path 4 chimera will spawn here at the bridge

After they are down continue across for a checkpoint

Continue to follow Capelli's directions

Soon he'll warn of something big, kill the chameleon and move on

More auger chimera in this next room kill them for a checkpoint

Next up will be about 5 chameleon kill them off

Continue to follow the path eventually a checkpoint

This room has 2 holes near then end to which lots of drones flood out

After they are down jump into the holes they were coming out of

At the bottom a checkpoint, follow the hallway

At the end it will open into a room full of sacks

Smash um or leave them and head up the ramp

At the top a checkpoint and a switch hit it

After you hit it head out the door to your left and around the catwalk

Some chimera will rush here kill them and move along

Head into the elevator and ride it to the top

At the top head out and around the corner and up the ramp for a checkpoint

Snipe the chimera here a few waves

Then continue along the set path for a checkpoint

2 Titans will spawn kill them

Then head to this door and head inside

At the end of the hall a room full of chimera and drones

Grab the Wraith and kill them

Then continue through the room and out the back

At the end of the hall a checkpoint

Then a few chimera rush kill them and head to the door

It will be sealed jump to the catwalk here

Continue around soon a group of chimera kill them and head to where they were

Then into the door for a checkpoint

Kill the 2 chimera and head into the round room

Here you'll have to wait for the door to open

Just avoid him until he opens the door

Then a wave will spawn kill them off and head into the next room

Same deal here avoid him until the door opens

Then kill the wave off and run into the next room

Same thing again he'll open the door head inside this time a checkpoint

Take out the chimera and head down to the bomb

Youíll need to shoot the orbs as directed

After a few orb shots he'll falls a scene and checkpoint

After the scene it is time to book it you have 4 minutes to get out

You can blow up any chimera you come across so donít worry about them

Around 1:50ish you'll get a checkpoint

Continue blowing up the chimera and head towards Capelli

Once you reach him a Scene, after it the End of the Game! (BTW there are 13 minutes of credits by far the most aggravating part of the game)