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Resistance 2 Walkthrough Cocodrie Louisiana USA

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As you start out do as directed and move up

Snipe the 3 chimera you see guarding the building for a checkpoint

Take out the few remaining chimera and head into the house

Once inside head up stairs

At the top small wave of chimera toss grenades into the rooms then retreat into

Then head back down stairs and take out the wave that is rushing in at the door

After they are down a checkpoint

Now run up to the very top of this building and grab the LARK

Boss fight time Marauder.

Pretty easy fight just avoid him and fire rockets when you have a shot

After 3 he goes down, just remember after you fire run away and re-find him

Head out side and find his corpse

Run and jump up onto it and head over his fallen body, on the other side jump

Once on the dock head up and into the building in front of you

Head through the building and jump out the back

This area will be a linear path, head up the stairs and over the crates

Soon a checkpoint and a shotgun

Round the corner and get to running, titans are firing at you

Once inside the building, a checkpoint and some SRPA troops

Head down stairs and to these boxes outside, and kill the chimera

If you duck you can fire at the titans head, and not get shot

After they are down, head across the bridge and jump down for a checkpoint

Head inside and upstairs and kill the 4 chimera here with a grenade

Then head out the door to the left, some drones will be in here kill him

Take the path in the back and follow it around and down

At the bottom head onto the paddle boat for a checkpoint

Your objective is the top of this boat, feel free to search for ammo and such

At the top a checkpoint, and another titan shoot him with rockets or the Wraith

After he falls a checkpoint, then head across the path in front of you

Soon you'll meet up with SRPA, and a ship, this will be a checkpoint as well

After the short scene, a huge wave will rush in kill them off for a checkpoint

Which in turn trigger a even bigger wave, after they are down, head up the ramp?

Kill the chimera that rushes and head down the other side

Head over to the stairs for a checkpoint, then head up them

At the top grab some grenades and head to the center for another checkpoint

Then down the other side and up the staircase

At the top a scene, DANGER!

After the scene follow Blake

They’ll lead you to a gate, then blow it open for a checkpoint, head inside

A wave a leapers will rush in kill them and head out

Then into the next tunnel, wait for the gate to be blown open and head in

There will be 6 or 7 chameleon that come at you while going through the water

On the other side back on land a checkpoint follow Blake

Soon they will head down the hill to the battle

After the battle a checkpoint

After this checkpoint follow SRPA to the ship

Then a Huge Battle will ensue kill off all the waves to End this first part of the Mission