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Scott Pilgrim Walkthrough STAGE 6:FRANK WEST IS NOT HERE

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Fight your way through the enemies and dobermans to the right.

You'll find a key stuck in a large rock shrine. As you go to break it, watch out of the pair of birds that dive bomb you.

Try to kill one of them then leave the other alive. Break the shrine in between the bird's attacks. If you kill both birds, another pair will appear. Keep one alive and destroy the shrine then kill the bird and pick up the key.

Carry it to the right and defeat the wolverines. Watch for the little elf to appear. Hit him to earn some bonus money.

Proceed to the right to face more birds. Jump attack them as soon as they appear to avoid their diving attacks.

Keep carrying the key up the stairs to the right. Fight off another pack of evil wolverines and proceed.

When "!!!" appears onscreen, stand clear of the 4 shadows as objects fall from the sky then quickly hit the elves that appear for money.

. Continue to the right, watch out for the bats, then throw the key into the gate to unlock it. Proceed through the gate.

Defeat the pack of dobermans that show up. Continue to the right to be introduced to zombies.

Try to keep the zombies grouped together so you can hit multiple ones at once.

Battle your way through the hordes of zombies to the far right to face off against Nega Scott.

Hold block to defend against Nega Scott's close range melee combos. You'll want to attack him just after you've blocked his offense.

As you hit and damage Nega Scott, he'll eventually start throwing fireballs at you.

Just keep hammering on Nega Scott and he should go down without too much trouble.