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Here, you'll be riding an elevator downwards while having to defeat waves of enemies. The elevator will stop at various levels and more enemies will flood onto the lift

Be careful around the right or left side of the elevator as you can fall off the edge. However, you can use this to your advantage and punch or throw enemies off it pretty easily.

. Watch out for the level with the rolling balls. Destroy the four breaks as fast as possible here to stop the barrage of balls.

Eventually you'll reach the bottom floor. Smash the glass doors and proceed to the right.

Once you enter the club, you'll have to face Super Gideon.

Super Gideon Graves is a super sized version of Ramona's final evil ex. He has some basic melee attacks but you need to watch out for his statue charge and jump attack.

Super Gideon can transform into a statue either during a dash or a jump. Additionally, he can jump off screen and send either a meteor shower down all over the screen, or one massive meteor down towards your last location.

Block his attacks then counter attack until he jumps off screen again then repeat. This form of Gideon's should prove to be too much trouble for you.

Here, carefully navigate your way along the visible blocks. Watch out for the red drops. Make your way to the right then hop up onto the clouds and pick up the Power of Love Sword. Jump to the cliff and run to the right to face Gideon's next form.

This is probably his most annoyingly difficult form. This massive Gigadeon will stand off to the right of your rocky cliff. The many faces on its lower "body" will spit balls of electricity at you.

Your Power of Love Sword has some range to it. Notice that energy from the sword is thrown forward as you swing it.

If you don't have the special sword, you'll need to run right up to the edge of the cliff and hit Gigadeon with you basic melee attacks. Watch out for his electrical discharge which will hit you if you're too close to him. Basically, you want to hit him a few times then back off and repeat.

After doing some damage to him, Gigadeon will start to get angry. He'll start punching you, which can be blocked, and slamming both fists down onto your cliff.

If you have the sword during the second part of the battle, stand on the lowest rightmost part of the cliff and repeatedly attack with your sword. Being down here can avoid the ground pound and you'll be able to hit his revealed heart with the wide attack range of the sword. This can end the battle in the matter of seconds!

Here you'll battle various robots. These enemies are pretty tough and will take a lot to defeat.

Watch out for the heavy bots as they explode and it can hurt you if you are standing next to them when they do

Avoid the series of lasers by carefully moving by each one. Jump attack the little bots and the flying bots. Whenever you face various enemies, be sure to focus on the shooting ones first and then the melee ones.

Continue to battle your way through the various robots. Take out turret guns first when you encounter them. Eventually you'll battle Gideon's ex girlfriends.

Fight your way to the right through the last horde of techno enemies and then enter the pink glowing doorway for the final battle.

Here you'll face Gideon who's armed with a sword that has incredible range. It can send a wave of pixels across the entire screen.

Your goal should be to always be close to him so you can combo him.

Being at a distance means he can hit you but you can't hit him. Get in close, block his attacks, and wail on him until you've defeated Gideon's final form.