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Scott Pilgrim Walkthrough STAGE 5:NIGHT OF TERROR!

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You will now find yourself at a Halloween party. Note the door to the left with the star on it. This is a shortcut through a subspace highway if you want to use it to skip ahead a bit.

Go right and you'll need to battle a robot man and a monster man. A large pinata will drop and hang from the ceiling.

Defeat the various costumed enemies along the way. Watch out for the "!!!" to appear onscreen and jump up onto the couch to avoid the rolling disco ball.

Defeat the next set of heavies that appear and go right to trigger a little introduction of Robot-01.

There will be a hockey stick nearby that you can grab and use on this robot. It'll keep him at range. Robot-01 isn't that hard. Defeat it then go through the large doorway that opened.

You'll now find yourself on a balcony. Fight your way through the costumed enemies to the far right

When you are ready, hop off the balcony and onto the fire escape.

Giant robot hands will appear and begin to smash the fire escape. You need to run your way up the fire escape to avoid them.

Zigzag left to right to climb the stairs to the roof.

Here you'll battle the Twin's Super Giant Robot

It'll first attack with it's detached hands which are the only part of the robot you can actually hit. Avoid standing still to avoid being smashed by the hands.

. Once you deal enough damage to the hands, the robot (and the hands) will disappear then reappear in the distant background.

It'll fire rockets at you and you'll need to avoid them by moving around and not standing on the target zones that appear where they will land. After a short barrage, the robot to come closer again so you can resume attacking its hands

Once you've destroyed one of the hands, when the robot retreats to the background, instead of firing rockets it'll blast the rooftop with a laser beam.

Stand to the sides of the screen to avoid the beam which takes up the middle of the screen. Destroy the second hand to finish the robot off and the Twins will retreat to their Dragon's Den.

You'll want to avoid the bottom of the screen in the Dragon's Den as it is lined with spikes and it's easy to walk off into them.

Fight your way to the right and carefully cross the pit of spikes by using the narrow green path.

Carefully make your way past the fire breathing statues (don't sprint by them as you can run right into a pit of spikes right after them). Either carefully jump to the small round platform or run and jump over the whole gap.

Avoid the rolling balls by staying to the far left and moving up and down to avoid them

There you'll find two halves of a separated statue. Punch each half into the middle to complete the statue of the Twins and open the door so you can go through it.

The Twins are rather nasty separated as they can sometimes not give you a chance to even stand up. If you can keep them together, you can hit them at the same time.

Once you're in close, combo them until you knock them over then back off and repeat.

Watch out when they join hands as they will perform a spinning kick together when they do. By keeping them together, you should be able to defeat them at the same time.

This gives you an opportunity to attack the reviving twin while he's preoccupied. Either way, defeat both twins to complete this stage.