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Scott Pilgrim Walkthrough STAGE 4:SUMMERTIME BLUES!

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Follow that ninja chick! Fight your way to the back of the bus to the left.

A Dash or Jump Attack can take them out pretty easily though. There are a lot of objects lying around here that can be picked up and used as weapons.

When you get to the back of bus, finish off the remaining enemies which will then trigger a brief scene that will lead you to the roof of the bus.

Up here you'll want to be very careful with your movement. It's really easy to accidently walk off the bus. You'll want to avoid the top or bottom of the screen.

Basically, put yourself in the middle of the roof and stay along that line. Don't stray from it. Let enemies come to you (they will often fall off the edges themselves). Fight your way through enemies to the front of the bus (far right)

There you'll face three ninjas. Defeat them to trigger another brief scene and transport you to the next area.

Begin your battle through the Frying Tengu and make your way to the right. FIght your way through the ninjas and past the BBQs

When you reach the gong, you'll want to quickly break the various practice poles that appear. Break them all before the timer runs out to earn some bonus money.

Continue right where you'll be ambushed by a variety of ninjas. Stay on the move and play aggressively to defeat them quickly.

Continue right and you'll need to avoid more wet spots (holes). Keep an eye along the top of the screen for the doorway with the star on it.

it. Giant balls will begin to roll from right to left and you're best option to survive this is to go through the door with the star to enter the subspace shortcut.

This will lead you part way into the garden section of this level. If you don't want to take the shortcut, quickly jump onto he table in the upper right hand corner which provides refuge from the rolling balls. Simply fight your way through a few more enemies to the right and you'll soon enter the next area of the level.

Fight your way through the various ninjas to the right. Use the narrow bridge to funnel the enemies through so they can't surround you

Keep battling your way to the right until you reach the end where you'll find a door with a star on it. Go through this door to pass through subspace and then battle Ramona's 4th evil ex.

Roxie has a whip-like sword with incredible range.

Try to avoid lingering at mid to long range.

If you are fast enough, you can put the hurt on her enough that she'll never be able to attack before you defeat her.