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Scott Pilgrim Walkthrough Stage 1-1: Frozen Suburbs

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"The stage starts simply enough. Simply head right and quickly run into your

"Consider grabbing the trash can

Keep heading to the right fighting the enemies.

"Moving on, stay on the bottom of the screen; a bus will soon drive by- when

WILLIAM pops out behind the bus- he's alone.

" You'll come across a park fence, along with MIKE and LUKE. There's only two

"Proceed into the park, and quickly grab

Fight all the ememies that come and move on.

"The Crash and the Boys will be finishing up their gig as you enter the venue. Upon arriving however, Scott will be introduced to Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend.

After doing enough damage to Patel, he'll surround himself in a light barrier and summon Demon Hipster Chicks to protect him.

Once they're dead, Patel will return to his normal state. Like before, get in close to avoid/stop him from throwing fireballs. Keep hammering on him and he'll go down in no time.

When you start this level, you'll face off against 3 Paparazzi enemies. These guys can stun you with their camera flashes so you'll want to hold Block to avoid being stunned.

Once you've defeated them, proceed to the right. Note you enter the trailer to find a shop next to the two groupies standing around. Continue to the right to a pair of aliens and a guy in a monster suit. The aliens can shoot deadly lasers while the monster man can spit fire.

Once you defeat them, the background will dissolve into a green screen and 3 enemies will emerge from it. They will run offscreen only to return and run straight across the screen. Dash Attack them to defeat them in on hit each.

Proceed to the right where Lucas Lee can be seen in the background of the nuclear lab. When the bomb appears in the middle, quickly go to work on smashing it before the timer runs out.

If you can't smash the bomb before the timer runs out, it'll explode and damage you. If you can, you'll simply be able to continue right unharmed. Defeat the next pair of Paparazzi then pick up the key.

Avoid the giant balls rolling down the screen, there will be four of them.

st after the fourth ball, walk along the top of the screen to avoid falling into the giant pit. You'll soon come to another key. Don't pick it up just yet. Walk a little past it and punch a bat that flies at you.

defeating the monster man here is optional. You can just proceed through the gate once it's opened.

You'll once again spot Lucas Lee. This time he'll be punching a treasure chest then he'll flee the scene.

After defeating the monster guys, proceed to the far right and smash the tiki head which will open the gate. Now go back and pick up the key and use it to open the chest. As soon as the chest opens, a spiked wall will move from the left to the right. Quic