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Scott Pilgrim Walkthrough STAGE 3:EVIL-EX CROSSOVER!

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After the introduction of The Clash At Demonhead, head to the right then go stand up by the scenes along the top to avoid the crowd of groupies.

Once they have passed, go right and defeat the enemies around the bar.

Past the bar, you'll encounter a pair of tall bouncer enemies. Can only be knocked out for the time being, not defeated.

Once they are down on the ground rolling in pain, ignore them and defeat everyone else then just continue to the right.

Continue to fight your way to the right. Again, try to inch your way right to only face a few enemies at a time. You'll eventually the front of the stage where the bouncers will return with more reinforcements. Defeat the bouncers to scare off the others.

Upon defeating the enemies near the front of the stage, a small cut scene will play.

Envy Adams will confront you but will get distracted when she sees Todd Ingram and Lynette Guycott step out of the bathroom together.

Follow them up onto the stage where you'll start fighting Lynette. Rush her as she has a bionic arm that can hit you from across the screen.

Dash Attack and then combo Lynette which will then force her to start teleporting around the screen. It's best to remain in one spot and only attack her when she appears near by.

Once you've taken out the girls, Todd will step in and knock you through the wall with his power bass abilities.

When you stand up, run to the right and use your Dash Attack and Strong Attacks to break through the walls.

Keep moving to the right and breaking through the walls as fast as you can to avoid Todd and his bass. When you reach the final room, a Bass Battle will begin.

He'll then knock you through the last wall out into an alley where the real fight will begin.

Todd is a vegan which grants him vegan super powers. Quickly go to work on attacking him. Hopefully you've unlocked your roll maneuver from leveling up to Level 10 as it comes in very handy here.

erforming Heavy Dash Attacks also works well as they knock Todd down. Just be careful around his body through as he can electrocute you while laying on the ground.

Now just keep hitting him till he's knocked out.