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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Teotihuacan - Serpent Yards

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Big horde of aliens will greet you as you move forward.

Go around the corner to find more enemies.

Go on the platform with the serpents statue.

Each pillar has a good item on top of it. Pick them all up and expect company.

Go up the stairs left from the platform you are on to proceed.

Some force fields will be blocking your way. Wait for the green one to disappear so you can pass.

The statues on the walls will be bombrding the area between the lasers. Use this to your advantage to damage your enemies.

Enter the next area.

You will see the temple of the moon up ahead.

A small temple with a stone head will be on your right. That place is locked for now.

Enter the pyramid of the moon yard.

You will have to reach the small platform in the center of this area. But try to avoid the sparkling teleports. It will get very confusing if you don't wait for them to pass away.

Pick up the mask and leave this place.

Approach the statue but beware that from the opposite side the stone head is shooting fire balls.

Place the mask under the big statue.

The statue will fire a laser that will destroy the stone head.

You can enter the small temple that was guarded by the stone head now.

An armor is your reward.

Enter the next area through the serpent gates.

A cutscene will show you the places of interest.

Get inside the temple on the west side of the area you are in.

You will find items and a lever inside.

Pull the lever.

Proceed through canal.

Enter the next temple.

A block is hanging above a pit with spikes. You can press the block by shooting it.

Exit the canal from the ramp.

Enter the place with jaguar statues.

You will drop in a large area.Get ready for a fight.

Once you kill everything, drop down a pit that will appear at the end of the hall.