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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Persepolis - Courtyards of Gilgamesh

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You will have to get the statuette from the center platform. But you cannot go there for now. Look to your left.

Enter the place left from the central platform.

A reptiloid will annoy you from the distance.

Enter the pool of water that is between the four small pillars with crystals.

You will have to swim through this small underwater maze.

When you reach the main underwater junction turn left.

When you see the exits to the right go through there.

Time to swim out of the water.

You will reach the inner courtyard that is left from the main platform with the statuette.

Enter the small pyramid at the end.

A lasergun is inside. Behind it is a lever you have to press.

Make your way back to the main platform.

You don't need to go in the water anymore. The door is unlocked now.

Go right near the platform and be careful of the pit that surrounds it.

A stone bridge will be extended now. Go to the center of the platform.

Grab the lion statuette.

Enter the big pyramid.

An ambush inside.

Through the corridor on the left.

When you slide down here you will have to time your jump just before you fall down the pit to reach the other side.

A huge wave of enemies will come down this corridor. Use the flamer or something else that is powerul at close range.

Go up the stairs.

Some items right of here. Go through the doorway in front of you afterwards.

You have to run through the corridor before the spiky wall impales you.

Jump down here and prepare for a downward action.

The place with the giant pillars has no door. You will have to fight the incoming enemies until something happens.

When you kill enough enemies the floor you are on will collapse. Luckily the floor below you isn't too far away.

A lava golem will make a visit as well.

The floor will collapse several times.

It was a very long way down.

Once you reach the lowest floor a demon will destroy one of the walls near you. Go through there.

A bombardier ambush in next room.

Pass over the health to make a long jump up.

There are spikes over you but don't worry. Once you make the jump the spiked wall will move away.

You will be thrown into a chamber on the upper floor.

The chamber will be closed for the fight to come, but once you defeat enough enemies a bio-mechanoid will crash one of the walls down. Go through the corridor behind it.

Take a corridor up.

Kill the enemies that will annoy you here.

Look down from the small stone bridge you are on. There is a platform below. Jump on it.

The platform will move very slowly forward and upwards.

Kill the reptiloid that will attack you from behind the fog.

Once the platform stops go through the corridor from which enemies are attacking you.

Go to the place the arachnoid is guarding.

Take the stairs to the right.

Go through the path that is around this grate.

Time to leave this place.

A big yard is revealed. Take your pick and go left or right.

Not long before you will be attacked.

Invulnerabilty is just around the corner.

A massive group of enemes is at the walled off courtyard in the center. There is a cannon inside there.

Proceed through the next gate.

Time to get ready to fight your way to the big temple.

A wave of skeletons will be first.

Afterwards bulls and mechanoids will come.

Once you deal with the first wave of enemies more items will spawn.

Things will get hectic afterwards. You don't need to kill everything if you don't want to. Just rush to the entrance of the temple.

Entering the temple will end the level.