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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Persepolis - The Elephant Atrium

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The reflective floors in here are slippery.

Go through the right side.

Climb the stairs.

To the right corridor.

An arachnoid is blocking the way out.

Go to the small building that is left from the elephant statue.

Inside is some ammo and the tommy-gun.

Go to the other building that is on the opposite end of the yard.

A lava golem will block your entry.

Go down and pass the egg looking thing.

You will find a bath. Swim inside to perform the ancient ritual of cleansing your soul.

Go in the building that is in the center of the yard.

A bio-mechanoid waits on the other side.

The gates guarded by statues are closed for now.

Skeletons will start jump above the nearby wall.

Enter the nearby temple.

Lots of small goodies are inside.

A cutscene will show you where you have to go.

Go through the yard.

Left door will lead to the elephant statue.

You will see the statue from a far but you cannot jump there.

Enter the building that is near the elephant's overlook.

Press the lever inside.

Go back to the square with the four towers.

Enter the gateway.

You will see the statuette from top. Go down left to reach it.

Pick up the statuette of the elephant and go back to the square with the four towers.

Enter the place that has elephant statues in front.

Stepping forward will send you down a trap.

Wait for the platfrom to spin around so you can reach the other side.

A tight corridor will lead you out.

To the right.

You will reach another outside area.

Go to the left from here.

You will reach stairs going up.

Enter the place that is behind the pegasus statue.

Go to the right to go around the grate.

Enter the place surrounded by grates.

You will be attacked by skeletons coming from this side.

Once the attack is over step through the doors here.

Cutscene shows Sam going into the darkness.