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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Teotihuacan - The City of the Gods

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The starting area has a lot of ammo. Grab whatever you can and press on.

A cutscene will fly over the places you need to visit.

You will have to search this area for two masks that need to be placed under this statue.

These guys shoot lasers but are pretty weak.

Enter the first temple on your left.

Go left from here.

The corridor will lead you to the first mask.

Run over the mask to pick it up. Afterwards go outside this temple.

As soon as you get the mask you will be attacked at this tight space.

Go towards the center of this area.

You will find the tommy-gun on a small platform.

Enter the next temple.

Kill your enemies and enter the gate with a circle insignia on the left.

The chamber of the mask has traps. Try to avoid the arrows that fly out of the walls.

When you get the second mask a cutscene will show you where you have to place it.

Go near the sockets under the statue to place the masks.

Once the masks are placed you will be able to go through the gates with serpents on top.

Go between the statues of jaguars.

The next corridor has arrows shooting from the walls. Time your run forward accordingly.

Next area is patrolled by bio-mechanoids.

When you move towards the center of the area a group of suicide bombers will appear behind you. Running away is a good idead.

On a platform in the center of this area is a minigun.

The nearby small temple will spawn more enemies. You can visit it to pick up some ammo from inside.

Enter the gate with serpents.

Pick the items and proceed through the yard. Such large area can only mean a large battle is to come.

A suicide bomber will be carrying the cannon. Wait for him to come closer before you kill him.

Pick up the cannon and start playing bowling.

Align your shots so they can hit multiple targets. The cannonballs can squash anything. Hold your left mouse to fire a very powerful shot.

When you are done playing bowling enter the next gate.

The area is patrolled by bio-mechanoids. Go between the houses to find items.

Enter the temple with the serpent sign.

Take a downward slide.

Kill the skeletons and proceed forward.

Go up the ramp. Some items can be found on the sides.

The pits are deadly. The holes on each wall have strong winds coming out. You will have to balance yourself as you go through here. Saving your game is advisable.

Walk the tight path and go around the spiky walls.

Yet another chamber with bad guys.

Resupply and press forward.

Go to your left on the coast of lava.

Some lava golems will start to appear.

Jump on a rock that floats on the lava.

Wait for another rock to pass near you and jump on it.

Climb to the other coast.

Walk the road with railings. Warning, lava below.

Next room has lots of items.

When you try to cross to the other side the road will collapse.

The floor will propell anything upwards. Survive this wacky battle and you will finish the level.