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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Palenque - Sierra De Chiapas

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The story picks off just after the end of the first game. Sam's ship crashed and he must find a teleport to travel away from here.

The chainsaw is useful against small single targets but it's best to keep your distance from big groups.

Follow the valley between the hills.

You will encounter your first aliens in the game. After you kill them walk towards the pillars that are ahead.

You will find the pump-action shotgun between the pillars.

You won't wait long before you are reintroduced to the headless suicide bombers.

A sirian bull will try to rush you as you make progress. Side-stepping is the only way to defeat them, even though it may take longer to kill the bulls with your starting weapons.

At the front steps of the ancient temple you will find the tommy-gun.

When you enter the temple's courtyard you will find a sniper rifle.

A cutscene will show you around the area you must go through.

Snipe down the big arachnoid that is on top of the temple entrance. Hold the zoom button longer to zoom-in more with your sniper rifle.

Some harpies will attack you from the nearby canyon. One shot from the sniper is enough to kill a harpy.

After you kill the harpies the gates to the inner courtyard will open.

The winged shoes will give you a temporary boost to your run speed.

Deal with the monsters that attack you.

Climb to the top of the pyramid once you have dealt with the aliens.

In the first chamber of the pyramid you will find a flamethrower.

The flamer is good for close to mid range combat but it uses up ammo quickly.

A pumpkin headed guy with a chainsaw will attack you. These guys are similar to the bulls, they charge you fast but you can avoid them by side stepping. When you dodge their initial attack you will have enough time to shoot them in the back.

Jump down in the next chamber.

Every time you see a spacious area you will know a big fight is coming up.

The small shards will give you +1 armor each.

The next corridor has a trap. You will have to time your movement forward according to the blocks that fall from above.

Go up the ramp.

No other way but down here.

You will find the double-barreled shotgun. It has slow rate of fire but good damage from point-blank range.

The golden statuette will make you invulnerable to damage for a few minutes.

When you pick up the invulnerability you will be attacked by a group of kleer skeletons. Side-stepping is the winning tactic against this enemy as well.

An alien will destroy the blocked path ahead once you defeat the skeletons.

The next room has a trap mechanism.

Watch out for the falling ceiling. Your only safe spots in this room are the square areas on the floor.

The exit is locked and you have to reach the two blocks on each side of this room.

Activate the block once you get near it.

Go through the next corridor.

A lava golem will attack you at its end. The flamer will be inefective against it so use other weapons.

The arachnoid will be blocking your exit out of the pyramid.

An arachnoid will be annoying you from a distance. You can snipe it down. Afterwards, go up the road near the stone head.

Follow the mountain path upwards.

A reptiloid will shoot his green home-seeking projectiles at you. Your sniper can kill him fast. Don't forget that you can shoot the green blobs mid-air.

Cross the rope bridge.

Look down and jump on the next rock.

Jump on the cliff below to ease your fall.

You will find the rocket launcher when you land.

Continue through the valley and beware the suiciders.

You will reach a temple near a lake.

Jump from log to log to reach the temple's entrance.

Stepping inside the temple will end the level.