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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Teotihuacan - The Pit

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Sam will fall down in a pool of water.

The pool is inhabited by fish that shoot electricity. Get out of the water and proceed to the next room.

Watch out for this trap room. The ceiling consists of stone blocks that fall down.

Next room has a lasergun for you. Very effective against crowds.

Go up the stairs but beware the statue on top. It will shoot fireballs downwards.

A demon will appear on top of the steps.

Drop down the hatch you see.

Grab the items and go towards the doors at the end. This room will pull everything inside to its walls.

Staying under the door frame will make it easier for you to kill the stuff that spawns in this room. They will be pulled to the sides but you will not be.

The next room will make you dizzy as its floor slides left and right.

Enter the tower you see.

Kill the demon that shoots you from above on your way in.

Take the stairs up the tower.

Long walk over the bridge.

The next chamber is like a giant washing machine. The stone wall will rotate around the place, pushing anything aside.

The battle will get a bit hectic. You will have to kill everything in here to open the door to the next area.

Jump on the pad to gain height.

Land on the upper floor.

A serious bomb is nearby.

Continue down the corridor.

The arena before the pyramid will house a big battle.

Mechanoids will start climbing down from each side of arena.

Bulls will join the fray as well.

When you defeat everything the wall at the center will slide up. Time go in.

Take a long slide down. Avoid the spikes that will come down from left and right.

Sam will place the crystal skull on a pedestal in the center of the pyramid.

This will summon a wind god. Only explosives and the lasergun can hurt this guy so don't waste your minigun on him.

While the lasergun can hurt the boss it is not ideal against him. He will send tornadoes towards you that will deflect your laser fire.

The more damaged he is the bigger he will grow. Defeating him will allow Sam to use the Mayan's teleport.