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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Ziggurat

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All of your weapons have been lost. You will have to find them again.

A hidden sniper rifle is placed around the temple entrance you start at.

At the entrance of the temple you will find a few more weapons.

Jump on the stone platform below.

The flamer is close to a fallen pillar.

Go through an entryway under a fallen pillar.

Jump down the stones.

Run towards the end of the corridor. More enemies will drop from the pipes at the sides.

Stand on top of this platform to use the lift.

Jump up the platforms that spiral around the column.

Press a lever that is on top.

Move forward by jumping to platforms.

Jump down when you see the sniper rifle.

Climb out of this temple.

You will reach a park.

Go inside the temple on the left.

Pick up the hawk's wing that is inside.

Go inside the temple on the opposite side of the park.

Pick up the second hawk wing.

Enter the building that is between the temples that held the wings.

Navigate the corridors and go left.

Press the block you will find.

Notice the stone that is lodged in the wall.

Run towards the end of the tunnel.

Boulders will start filling up the tunnel. Use them to go up.

A rotating platform has to be crossed. Falling down is not fatal though.

Jump up each platform to reach the top.

When you reach the top you will have to wait for the right moment to jump on the moving lift.

The next chamber holds the double-barreled shotgun.

Jumping directly to the other side is impossible. You will have to jump on the small iron bars first.

Cut your way to the outside.

The rocket launcher is on the outside.

A speed buff is on the far left side.

Enter a temple on the north-west side of this area.

Approaching the pedestal inside will place one of the hawk wings on it.

Make a run towards the next temple.

Approach the pedestal inside.

The other wing is placed as well.

Enter the next area.

The main temple is closed for now. Go to the other yard on the right.

More enemies to come. Go around the houses.

Approach the big temple on the right.

Its entrance is around the back.

Go near the sacred stone inside it.

Beware the suiciders that will try to rush in.

Go to the opposite yard that is left of the main entrance.

Go around the buildings.

Reach the other side of the white temple.

Just like before enter the temple.

Touch the stone that is inside.

Make your way back to the main entrance. The hordes will never stop coming.

Enter the central temple.

Go through the door on the side.

Pull a lever in that room.

A group of skeletons will jump you.

Pull the lever that is inside the place from which the skeletons came out.

Go in the opposite room.

Press the lever in there.

Cutscene will show you that the central door is open.

Next area has small ziggurats in it.

You will have to kill everything to be able to proceed. Using the flamer in a tight corridor is very effetive. Just wait for them to come to you.

Enter the big temple once the battle is over.