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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Tower of Babel

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Pick up some ammo and enter the next hall.

Pick up the statuette from the pedestal.

More ammo in the next room.

This hall is a bit confusing. Take the stairs to the right.

Walk the small road with armor shards.

Continue up the stairs on the left.

Take a lift that will go down.

Pick up the speed boost and run around the structure at the center.

You will see two blocks. Use them both. A lift will come down eventually.

Take a ride on the lift.

Go up the next stairs.

Slide to the lower yard.

Demon will appear on the ledge.

Such a narrow corridor means a rush of enemies is to come.

The next room is completely dark but one faint light at the top.

Shoot the small button to turn on the lights briefly.

Next chamber has a few more items.

You will reach the entrance to the Tower of Babel.

A cannon is right of the road you are on.

The entrance to the tower will be locked. You need to find three stone tablets to enter here.

Go through the yard on the left of the entrance. The giant tablet statue will guide you in the right direction.

You will be attacked from behind as you approach the statue.

Enter the next small building.

Make your way through the garden. And enter the place on the right.

Enter here to find the first tablet.

Pick up the tablet. Two more to go.

Enter the next building.

Some ammo is inside.

Continue through the next park. The guards will be patrolling the area and you can kill them before they can react.

Reach the end of the yard.

Go up the stairs to the right.

Second tablet inside. One more left.

Enter the building.

Go right of the statue.

Reach the end of the yard.

When you kill the wave of pumpkinheads, mechanoids will ambush you from the nearby wall.

Enter the last room that is at the base of the tower.

Final tablet is here.

Go through the small building near the place you picked up the tablet like before.

Make a right turn from here.

The small temple nearby holds some items.

Go up the ramp to reach the entrance of the tower.

Time to enter the Tower of Babel.

Get down the slide.

When you enter the gates you will face the boss for this level.

The mechanical larva will appear at the end of the hall.

There are four machines placed around the hall. Destroy them all before thinking of attacking the larva.

The larva can regenerate its life from these machines. Once you are sure they are all smoking rubble you can attack the larva. The larva will spawn smaller bugs to attack you as well.

The larva will shoot you with its spheres of energy. You can hide behind the pillars when it does that. Hit it with everything you've got in the meantime.

Once 1/3 of its life is gone one of the weapons it has will be destroyed.

When 2/3 of its life is gone both tentacles will be removed. Afterwards it will attack you with two lasers. Hide behind the pillars like before.

Once the larva is dead step on the sparkling floor to be teleported away from here.