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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Land of the Damned

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You end up in a snowy village. Pick up the tommy-gun and proceed between the houses.

A grenade launcher is near the windmill at the center of the village.

Kill the mechanoid and proceed after the windmill.

Enter the guard tower.

You will find the lasergun inside.

The long alley to the right will be a source of many enemies. Press forward.

You will reach another small village.

Continue forward. The snowmen scattered around this level can be a source of items and amusement.

Go through the next wall.

The minigun awaits you just before the cave entrance.

Go deeper inside the cave.

Lava golems will spawn all over the place. Walk over the narrow path forward.

Jump to the rock on the other side.

Continue up the path here.

Go through the detour below. The enemy resistance will intensify.

Climb up the narrow path. Kill the monsters first because they might push you over.

Jump to the rocks ahead.

Proceed through the next cave tunnel.

Avoiding the lava is a good idea. Stick to the high places.

Go on the path to the right.

Jump from stone to stone to reach the other side.

The battle will rage on as you move in deeper.

Take the path that bends over the lava.

Jump to the other island surrounded by lava.

Going over the hill will reveal more enemies. Go down there and enter the next cave corridor.

The end of the corridor has a teleportation chamber. Reach the big statue at the end.

The mouth of the statue has a teleport. Jump through the window to leave the cave.

Pick up the items and make your way to the castle. The ice is slippery but you can use that to your advantage because your enemies will be sliding around as well.

After you end up victorious from the battle for the castle you can enter it.

Sam doesn't find anything inside the castle.