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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough The Citadel

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Your weapons will be gone. Time to collect them again.

A hidden double-barreled shotun is inside the house on the left.

A second revolver is around the entrance to the next area.

The chainsaw is on the opposite side of the revolver.

Time to enter the castle.

You will enter a trap room. Reach the far end of it and avoid the crushers.

Go on the lift.

Go right from here. The punching glove is a secret.

Pick up the sniper rifle and press on.

The left tower will be destroyed and a flamer will be revealed.

More enemies will rush you from the front.

Sometimes a little marsh-hopper will be carrying pick-ups. If you manage to kill it, you will be rewarded.

Another chainsaw at the castle entrance.

Enter the cemetery on the left.

Watch out for a reptiloid on the nearby castle tower.

Enter the small chapel at the end.

A gold cross is inside.

You will be attacked by skeletons once you pick it up. Leave the cemetery.

Enter the next big gate.

Go around the buildings.

A rocket launcher is around here.

Enter the next yard.

A herd of bulls will rush from the next gate.

Some items will appear when you deal with the first wave here.

Lastly kill the mechanoid to end the wave.

Enter the castle.

Beware of the traps on the walls.

Take a ramp up.

Pick some ammo and approach the giant cogs.

The cogs have halfway broken teeth. Shoot those out and use the created space to jump on the cogs and lift yourself to exit through the window between them.

More fighting on the other side.

The big gates lead to a larger yard.

Prepare for a fight when you pick up the ammo pack.

A mechanoid will appear in front of the raised drawbridge.

When the battle progresses an invulnerability pick-up will appear.

Once the battle is over the drawbridge will be lowered and you can enter the castle built into the hill.

Climb the stairs.

Fall down the hole.

You will end up in a cave. Swimp out of the water and hop on the small patches of land to find some items.

Proceed on the road that is near the cave wall on the right.

A trap corridor has to be passed.

A room with moving blades is up ahead. You can shoot the blades and the pillars they are moving on to destroy them with your rockets.

The trap place will reveal two mechanoids.

Press the lever here and then forward as fast as you can.

The lift will be lowered from the lever you pulled. Jump on it to go up.

Pick up some ammo and go left.

Use this platform to jump up.

Kill the demon and go up the stairs he was guarding.

Next room holds the book Sam was looking for.