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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough The Grand Cathedral

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This is it. The final grand battle. Take what you can and follow the road forward.

The cannon will be up ahead. Pick it up and start bowling.

Go around the corner of the castle wall.

Things will get really crazy from here on. Line up your enemies in a row for massive damage with the cannon.

Yet another corner that has an army behind it.

Some suiciders will try to surprise you by jumping over a wall on your right.

Just before the end of the castle walls are statues that fire explosives at the center of the road. They can damage your enemies as well. Beware the cannons that will fire at you from the castle towers. Better to snipe them quickly.

The next place has jump pads. If you go over one jump pad you will be forced to jump forward on all of them.

The aliens will be forced to jump around when they go on the pads as well. When you kill everything in this place the small doors at the center of this wall will open.

Go through the passage to leave the castle walls.

A giant reptiloid will attack you. The cannon will make short work of him.

Reaching the small structures at the middle of the road will reveal some items.

Suiciders will attack you from every possible side. Look around constantly.

The sky will turn dark and fireballs will start falling down.

The fireballs can damage you, but if you stay near the small towers you will be safe from them. All the items that are around here will respawn with time after you pick them up.

Don't forget to use your special boosters to make the battle easier.

A wave of skeletons will come from all sides.

The enemies will grow in size and numbers.

The sniper rifle will be invaluable here. You can snipe many enemies before they can even reach you.

Once the waves of enemies stop you can enter the cathedral courtyard.

The last boss is a summoner. He won't attack you directly but he will spawn enemies randomly around you.

He will teleport himself to random places around the courtyard. Deal as much damage as you can while he is visible.

When you defeat him a cutscene will show his death.

Sam will enter the cathedral to claim his prize.

The holy grail is here.

Sam enters the confession booth to call Mental to let him know he is coming.

Sam takes a rocket on a ride to Mental's home planet.

To be continued...